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Market Comments April - Sharing is caring

Sharing is Caring - The Era of The Sharing Economy

Do you have a spare bedroom? Is your car standing idle in your driveway most of the week? Why not temporarily rent them out? That is the principle behind a range of online services that enable people to share cars, accommodation, bicycles, household appliances and other items, connecting owners of underused assets with others willing to pay to use them. Dozens of firms such as Airbnb, which lets people rent out their spare rooms, or RelayRides, which allows other people to rent your car, act as matchmakers, allocating resources where they are needed and taking a small cut in return.

At the heart of this change is, of course, the Internet—and with it, the rise of social, mobile, analytics and cloud computing. To find out more click here

Zurich, April 22nd, 2016

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