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Pomona Wealth understands that your privacy is important to you and that you care about how your personal data is used. We respect and value the privacy of all of our clients and will only collect and use personal data in ways that are described here, and in a way that is consistent with our obligations and your rights under the law.

How does Pomona Wealth define personal data?

We consider ‘personal data’ to be information specific to an individual. Our system predominantly holds names, address or city where you are based (we hold this data in order to send location-specific mailings or invitations) and your email address for sending electronic correspondence.

What Personal Data Do You Collect?

We may collect some or all of the following personal data (this may vary according to your relationship with us):

  • Name;

  • Date of birth;

  • Gender;

  • Address;

  • Email address;

  • Telephone number;

  • Business name;

  • Other personal identification information such as passport and visa details where required by legislation (e.g. anti-money laundering regulations);

  • Job title;

  • Profession;

  • Information about your preferences and interests;

  • Bank details & relationships;

  • Information about appointed professional advisors of yours where you have requested we liaise with them on your behalf

What personal data does Pomona Wealth hold centrally?

If you have provided Pomona Wealth or a member of our team with your details in the past or signed up for our newsletter, we may hold limited personal information about you. We also hold data collected from other sources, such as delegate lists from conferences Pomona Wealth has sponsored, social media or other publicly accessible databases.

We hold such data for the sole purpose of providing you with select insights, newsflashes, our newsletter, personal invitations to Pomona Wealth events and similar email correspondence. At Pomona Wealth we always treat the personal data we hold with the utmost respect, and it is held and processed exclusively for the purposes similar to those mentioned above.

Should you wish to update your details, or unsubscribe from our central communications at any time, please email You will always be given the opportunity to immediately and permanently unsubscribe when receiving any of our generic communications.

Your data may be shared with third parties such as our website host, our email delivery system, or other parties who provide these types of services to our firm or if we are required to share these by law. We never give your details to third parties for their own use or for reasons that do not fall within the scope of this policy.

How does Pomona Wealth use the personal data they hold centrally?

We are continually looking to improve the quality of the Pomona Wealth’s service offering and ensure any communications are of relevance and interest to our audience. To do this, we review and analyse data collected from the sending of our communications.

Should you chose to unsubscribe at any moment, your data will no longer be part of this analysis.

Does Pomona Wealth use cookies?

To continually improve our website, Pomona Wealth collects information from cookies on our website.

Given our website is continually evolving as we aim to ensure it best serves the interests of our users. To help us achieve this, we use cookies. Cookies are small text files of data sent to your computer by a web server when you view websites. Most, though not all websites use cookies. In our case, we use cookies to compile anonymous, accumulated data that allows us to analyse how people use our website. We, in turn, use this information to improve our user experience and content.

Our website is optimised for users viewing the website with cookies on, but you can turn cookies off in your web browser if you wish.

What other data does Pomona Wealth hold centrally?

Pomona Wealth also collects data from internet browsers and publically available statistics on social media platforms. This information is collated and cannot be attributed to individuals. We use it to improve and develop our services.

Do You Share My Personal Data?

We will not share any of your personal data with any third parties for any purposes, subject to one important exception.

In some limited circumstances, we may be legally required to share certain personal data, which might include yours, if we are involved in legal proceedings or complying with legal obligations, a court order, or the instructions of a government authority.

How Can I Access My Personal Data?

If you want to know what personal data we have about you, you can ask us for details of that personal data and for a copy of it (where any such personal data is held). This is known as a “subject access request”.

All subject access requests should be made in writing and sent to the email or postal addresses shown below.

There is not normally any charge for a subject access request. If your request is ‘manifestly unfounded or excessive’ (for example, if you make repetitive requests) a fee may be charged to cover our administrative costs in responding.

We will respond to your subject access request within 20 working days and, in any case, not more than] one month of receiving it. Normally, we aim to provide a complete response, including a copy of your personal data within that time. In some cases, however, particularly if your request is more complex, more time may be required up to a maximum of three months from the date we receive your request. You will be kept fully informed of our progress.

How Do I Contact You?

To contact us about anything to do with your personal data and data protection, including to make a subject access request, please use the following details (for the attention of Rebecca Ellis):

Email address:   

Telephone number:     +41 22 300 6023

Postal Address:             Rue Caroline 49, Geneve, 1227, Switzerland

Changes To This Privacy Notice

We may change this Privacy Notice from time to time. This may be necessary, for example, if the law changes, or if we change our business in a way that affects personal data protection.

Any changes will be made available on our website.

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