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Real Estate & International Credit​

We support the selection and structuring of real estate investments internationally and manage these on your behalf.​

Wherever you are in the world, investing in real estate with international credit couldn’t be simpler when you partner with Pomona Wealth. And that’s because we have a truly international presence.


Thanks to our enduring relationships with local specialists, we are able to offer our clients mortgage services across a global array of locations. No matter whether you’re in the UK, UAE, Spain, France, US, South Africa or a range of other locations, we can access the best rates on the market, putting you in the prime position to make the decision best tailored to your needs.

Residential & International Mortgages

A mortgage for most people can represent something akin to a lifetime commitment, with terms now ranging up to retirement and in some cases beyond.  It's important to receive the right advice not just when first taking out a mortgage, but for its duration as well. Pomona Wealth will manage your mortgage throughout its lifetime to ensure you achieve the most cost-efficient deal to meet your needs.  We can review your mortgage and give it a health-check at any stage during its term, while we will always recommend a review 6 months in advance of a fixed term deal coming to an end.

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